CNC Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Ireland – A very efficient and accurate solution for preparing component shapes prior to fabricating a part.  Our CNC 250 AMP Plasma cutter has true hole technology, the Improved plasma bolt hole cutting produces holes that rival drilled holes and plate laser cut holes, at the speed and operating cost of plasma! Our CNC Plasma cutter can cut sheets up to 2 meters x 6 meters and pierce up to 35 mm thick and edge cut up to 50 mm thick material.

Plasma cutting is particularly useful for cutting Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel parts.

The advantages of using CNC Plasma profiling are,

  • minimal set-up cost,
  • fast turn-a-round,
  • from 1 part to 100
  • accurate and consistent.

Plasma cutting offers low cost since no custom tooling is needed. The process is especially cost effective for thick metal sheets.


Can be used for any parts in the fabrication industry, Example applications include: Metal Brackets, Agricultural Machinery Parts, Auto Parts, parts for heavy machinery, aircraft components, signs, panels, material handling equipment, etc.

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